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New 5500 watt Moonshine Still Controller Electric Heating Element Tri Clamp Box

New 5500 watt Moonshine Still Controller Electric Heating Element Tri Clamp Box
New 5500 watt Moonshine Still Controller Electric Heating Element Tri Clamp Box

New 5500 watt Moonshine Still Controller Electric Heating Element Tri Clamp Box
This Package consists of a Digital 5,500 watt Single Moonshine Still Controller and includes a ULWD (ultra low watt density) 5500 Watt Electric Heating Element housed in a easy to mount 2 Tri Clamp Box. This package works on 208 to 240 volt 50 to 60 cycle single phase AC power. Controller is sutible for use on a 30-amp circuit. It can very easily be adapted to the style of breaker panel or receptacle that you currently have installed or are going to install. The wires are color-coded for proper installation and come complete with a easy-to-understand instruction manual. The controller comes standard with a built-in female commercial-grade 30-amp Twist-Lock connector that makes it a snap connecting or disconnecting the included heater assembly. The heater assembly is equipped with 10 feet of flexible rubber covered wire and has a 30-amp male Twist Lock connector on the end to plug directly into the controller. The element length is 14 from the ferrule to the tip of the element although we do have other options if that is to long for your application. This controller is ready to go to work heating your moonshine still or keg. The controller has been tested using the included 5500 watt heater to bring any keg or equal sized boiler to operating temperature quickly while giving you precise digital heating control, see chart below for heating times. 8 gallon boiler/keg in 20 minutes 13 gallon boiler/keg in 35 minutes 15 gallon boiler/keg in 40 minutes 26 gallon boiler/keg in 1 hour and 10 minutes Heating times can be reduced further using agitation. System Highlights Does not cause "thermal shock" to the heater. (see below) Solid State Electronics (No old-school relays or contacts to ever wear out) 0 to 100% digital read-out (We don't use the old-school analog meters as they are fragile and are easily damaged when bumped) 30-amp commercial-grade double pole ON/OFF switch 30-amp commercial-grade female Twist Lock connector built-into the controller Commercial-grade ABS enclosure. At the push of a button you can adjust the power output easily seen on the LED digital read-out. Very easy to replicate on all future runs!

We don't use potentiometers in our controllers as they are a constant weak spot that always seem to fail when you need to use the controller the most. Built-in over-sized heat-sink with stealthy cooling fan to keep things running cool in all ambient temperatures. Included third-wire grounded 5500 watt Ultra Low Watt Density Ripple heater. 10 Feet of heavy duty rubber coated, flexible wire between controller and heater package.

12-month guarantee on controller, free upgrade to 24-months. (paperwork is included with controller). Additional charges will apply for customization. We Aim To Please You will be very pleased with this controller package, we guarantee your satisfaction! And as a side note no one does more testing and research on their controllers, and we are constantly striving for improvement.

We have built and sent out thousands of controllers worldwide and folks love them. They are a proven design and they work flawlessly. We are sure you will too.

What the other guys aren't telling you: There are more than a few companies out there still offering controllers that use old-school technology. These controllers rapidly switch power on and off in an attempt to maintain power levels to the heater.

Some use SSRs (solid state relays) and some use PID (proportional integral derivative) controllers. A heating element in most cases is made of wire.

If you use a mechanical relay, SSR, or PID to control your heater it will cycle on and off rapidly. The heater will expand and contract, getting more and more brittle each time, this is called thermal shock. Heaters undergoing this thermal shock are certainely headed for premature failure.

Temperature overshoots may also occur. Our digital controllers: Today Hi Proof Products is proud to use and offer the very latest technologies available and we incorporate them into the construction of our fully digital controllers. Solid-state digital electronics, LED read-outs, push-button controls, fan-cooled heat-sinks, and commercial-quality components keep our controllers precise, stable, and dependable in all ambient temperatures and conditions. Our controllers are also easy on your heater as they eliminate thermal shock associated with other styles of controllers so your heater performs time after time and that's a plus, plus for you. That precision is most important when it comes to crafting fine alcohol. Slow and steady makes much better tasting alcohol. Our controllers might cost a little more since solid state electronic components cost us more but you won't find a more precise controller offered elsewhere.

Spend your hard earned dollars smarter and choose digital, you won't be sorry that you did. BTW: We build each and every controller by hand. For your information Hi Proof Products also manufacturers moonshine still controller packages in quads, triples, doubles, and of course singles.

Let us build one for you today! We Take Your Privacy Seriously Your privacy is important to us, therefore we have made this is a private listing. Further, we do not share that information with others. This item is in the category "Home & Garden\Kitchen, Dining & Bar\Brewing, Distilling & Wine Making\Equipment".

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  • BTU: 5,000 - 10,000 BTU
  • Final Product: Liquor & Liqueur
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • Item Depth: 6 in
  • Item Width: Less Than 15 in
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Operation Type: Automatic
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Installation: Hardwire or plug-in
  • Type: Still
  • Features: Fully Automated, Heat Resistant
  • Color: Gray
  • Manufacturer Color: Gray
  • moonshine still controller: 5500 watts
  • Volume: 26 gal
  • UPC: 0693529308520
  • Modification Description: Still
  • Applicable Regions: Moonshine
  • Hi Proof Products: 5500 watt 220 volt
  • Brand: Hi Proof Products
  • Voltage: 220 V

New 5500 watt Moonshine Still Controller Electric Heating Element Tri Clamp Box